Goochland Republican Creed – From God to Country in the right order.

Membership Dues online form – This online form is made available for convenient dues payment to cover the second year of membership.
Dues for the second year are due one month after the date for the mass meeting.
For 2023, that is June 30th.

Committee Membership form – Join the committee as a voting or non-voting member.
(updated May 15th, 2022)

GCRC Membership Proxy form – A member with current attendance in order can use this form for sending a proxy for a duly called GCRC business meeting.
See GCRC Plan of Organization Article VII, Item D.

Renunciation Form – If you’re looking for this form, you found it (and probably already know what it is)

GCRC Plan of Organization -This is the guiding document of our committee. It adheres to the RPV State Party Plan. Amended and revised 9/21/2022.
New to this revision is a policy catalog found at the end of the document.

Republican Party of Virginia Plan of Organization
Revised December 3rd 2021
The RPV has improved their website immensely.
You can actually find things now!