GCRC Documents

Goochland Republican Creed – From God to Country in the right order.

Committee Membership form – Join the committee as a voting or non-voting member. (updated March 15th, 2021)

New Member Information Sheet – Everything you need to know about joining the GCRC. (This document is still in revision. For now, watch the video featuring Pam Johnson, linked in the right column)

GCRC Organization Plan -This is the guiding document of our committee. It adheres to the RPV State Party Plan.

Republican Party of Virginia Plan of Organization
Revised April 4th, 2020
A new revision is pending that shall include a requirement for public disclosure of conflicts of interest by members of the State Central Committee and Congressional District Committees and recusal by a member of such committees where a conflict of interest exists because of the member’s paid relationship with a candidate or elected official on an issue affecting the candidate or elected official.