How to Join

To begin the membership process, download this form, fill it out, and mail it in. As a dues paying member, you will be notified of out monthly meetings via email and have a place to help direct and be involved in what the Republican party in Goochland does – and does not do. Your input and volunteerism is deeply appreciated.

Additionally, you will want to learn about the structure of the Goochland County Republican Committee. The document is a formal plan of organization and all potential, new, and long standing members will do well to be familiar with it.

If you would like to receive general email communication, email and request to be put on our general email list. All committee members are already on this list.

Finally, take the time to review our Goochland Republican Creed. This is who we are and what we believe. If this creed resonates with you, we look forward to welcoming you as a fellow committee member.