No Confidence Regarding John McGuire

The Goochland County Republican Committee passed a resolution on 11/15/2023 of No Confidence regarding John McGuire the same day he announced he was running for Congress. He hasn’t even been seated as a Senator in Virginia yet. So, what’s the big deal? He said emphatically and repeatedly said he wouldn’t do it, promising at convention to serve and the full term to which he was nominated for.

Now, he says “We can do better than Good”. We say: “No. You Can’t”

The Resolution explains it all:

No Confidence Resolution regarding John McGuire
Approved November 15, 2023

Whereas John McGuire has announced his intention to run for the 5th District Congressional seat and has not yet been seated as a State Senator;

Whereas John McGuire was elected to serve as Virginia State Senate District 10 with the promise to fulfill his term;

Whereas it has become evident that John McGuire’s convention race was characterized by his personal ambitions and not by a desire to improve the welfare of the people he was elected to represent;

Whereas John McGuire has failed to honor his commitment and has broken his promise, thereby undermining the trust placed in him by the electorate;

Whereas the candidates who ran against John McGuire in the convention race were all viable and capable individuals, demonstrating that there were alternative choices for the constituents;

Whereas the electorate has been misled and betrayed, as it is now apparent that John McGuire’s intentions were primarily self-serving rather than driven by a genuine desire for public service;

Whereas John McGuire has had ample opportunities to rectify his actions, including warnings from constituents and a significant number of write-in votes in the most recent election;

Whereas John McGuire received fewer votes than candidates in three local county wide races, highlighting his dwindling support among the electorate; and

Whereas John McGuire failed to provide meaningful support to local Republican candidates in our county, except for the Democrat-endorsed candidate, thereby jeopardizing the success of Republican candidates in our county and the 57th House district race;

Therefore, be it resolved that we, the members of the Goochland County Republican Committee, hereby express our vote of no confidence in John McGuire’s ability to represent our interests and fulfill the promises he made during his campaign;

Be it further resolved that we call upon John McGuire to reconsider his actions, recommit to the principles of integrity and public service, and take immediate steps to restore the trust of the electorate; and

Be it further resolved that copies of this resolution be distributed to the relevant parties, including John McGuire, and all the unit chairs in the 5th congressional district, and any appropriate governing bodies.

GCRC Chairman Buddy Bishop on Richmond Morning News with John Reid


  1. I am deeply disappointed with John McGuire’s decision to place his personal ambitions above his duty to our district. He does not have my support.

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