UPDATE – McCarthy makes it to Speaker on #15

Five days and great things were accomplished - have you heard?

With the total votes cast on round #15 in the opening hour of January 7th only reached 428, Kevin McCarthy made it to the needed majority of the votes cast at 216.

The “20” went to the “6”.

Then, the hold-out 6 all voted “Present” on the late night into early morning decision after a motion to adjourn failed. That changed the calculable maximum votes to – 216.

Now comes the fallout, consequences, and the ongoing discussion!

To start the discussion, We should be proud of our congressman.
Bob Good did exactly what he said he would do: never vote for McCarthy.

Here’s some of what was accomplished with the leadership of Bob Good:

  • Going back to pre-Pelosi rules that only 1 Congressman needed to make a motion to allow a vote for a new Speaker.
  • A vote on term limits will now be allowed for discussion and vote from the floor.
  • Republicans will now be able to adopt a budget resolution for a balanced budget in ten years.
  • They also won the right to cap spending at 2022 levels through 2024.
  • The House may now reject any negotiations on spending with the Senate until the Senate passes its own spending bills.
  • The House will now be unable to raise the debt limit without spending cuts or other fiscal reform.
  • The House will set up a committee to investigate the weaponization of the government against US citizens.
  • Bills will be unable to be brought onto the floor without 72 hours to review the measures.

The mainstream media failed on every count to properly present just why this was going on. ALL of these things are items ALL Americans should and have desired for years. In the past, both Democrats and jellyfish Republicans (AKA “Uniparty”) have FAILED to do this.

This is historic. Thank you to the Freedom Caucus members who fought so hard to gain these things!
And again, thank you to my Congressman Bob Good for standing strong for America! God bless our Country!

Watch the an post vote issue interview with Congressman Good on Rumble
Watch the post vote issue interview with Congressman Good on Rumble

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