The well intended poll about supporting the position of the “20” regarding the Speaker of the House election went sideways when the GCRC Chairman suggested that it be put on Facebook.
Well… That was a bad idea. It was jumped on massively and was nearing 400 hits with about 3/4 duplicate votes.

But it did suggest that we are entirely reactive based on what the so-called news media feeds us. Well, that and a better polling tool was in order.

This new poll is for GCRC members only, so please do not share it on social media.

We’re looking to see what level of understand of the issue itself might be found within our committee.

We have:

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GCRC members only - Understanding the issue

This poll is intended for GCRC members only.
Do not post it on Social Media.


A question came up of of what is meant here by “issue” and “delay”?
The issue is the firm opposition to McCarthy as Speaker.
The delay is the ongoing protracted process of resolution.