We Won

Watch this page for pending election data analysis

The local elections of 2023 in our county have concluded.

The conclusion is – We Won.
For every nominated and endorsed Republican candidate – we won.

The Goochland Revolution is now poised to click over to version 2.0.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but it is slowly sinking in. The way to tell is the heightened spirits and morale to be seen and experienced not only in the workspaces around the Goochland Courthouse

To all the Official; Real; Republicans of Goochland and of the Goochland County Republican Committee, We credit you and thank you all for your support, hard work, and vote that now allows:

  • us all the opportunity to Make Education Sane Again;
  • the Goochland Law Enforcement and the Goochland Courts the opportunity to realize a professional, cooperative working environment that is truly dedicated to safety and justice
  • a Board of Supervisors majority that will carry on the exceptional groundwork and exemplary achievement we have come to know and benefit from since 2012.

The win we share takes us now where we must always go.
With responsibility and commitment we go Forward.

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  1. Republicans won in Goochland because most of our voters are far to smart to buy what the Democrats are selling. Here, we understand what disasters that municipalities and states run by Democrats have become. It’s good to live in a county that has a majority of well informed voters. Congratulations to all of our nominated and endorsed candidates.

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