This survey will take some time and research to look up and correctly report the data being sought.

The use of this online form allows for faster data gathering and analysis, and it reduces errors from manual transcription.

However, the information you provide will only be as good as your attention to detail.

Be careful with spelling and capitalization. When entering numbers, only use digits – don’t use commas or % signs.

Where direct text is requested. Be as concise and brief as possible.

Complete all sections in order. Click Submit on the last section only after all sections have been completed.

It is possible that you will not be able to complete the form in one sitting. In that case, look through the sections and make notes for data items needed so that you can complete the form in one sitting. At the present time you cannot return to continue working on your submissions over several page visits. It must be completed fully before submitting – very few fields will be set as not required when this online survey goes live.

Additionally, this survey is lengthy and detailed. You will have the option to save your progress and return – IF YOU LOGIN FIRST.
That feature is still being added and is not available for this form preview.

Buddy Bishop
Goochland Unit Chair