The success of helping to announce events depends on a coordinated timely and consistent message. If you have eligible candidate and campaign information the GCRC can help share, keep reading…….

Campaign events and candidate information

Who is it for?

Candidates who have filed as a Republican for the Republican Party nomination that have jurisdiction covering all or part of Goochland county. Additionally, candidates that are not allowed by current election law to run as a Republican and that have been endorsed by the GCRC.
The GCRC email, website and social media can be available to help share information to our audience.

Where to send the information:

To get started, send an email to, with the Subject line of “EVENT/NEWS INFO FOR THE GCRC”. With that subject, your email will be identified as fast as possible. Be sure to allow enough time for us to compose and stage the information and for potential attendees to become aware and plan ahead. 7 minimum days are recommended. So, if your event is on the 8th, get it to us by the 1st.

What to include:

Include text that describes the event, time date and location, specific graphics used; additional details like contact name, number and email; links to more information such as the event link if you have one. Sending a prepared flyer is good, but it is better to also send the text and graphics (as mentioned above) used in the flyer so we can better fit the message to the types of notification media used.

Our preferred process is to first make a webpage based on your provided information and link that in Facebook and twitter and email to our member list.

I have important information I’d like to have shared out, but it doesn’t meet your criteria. Will you still help me?

Quite possibly. Information that goes betond events connected to elected, endorsed or nominated republicans that have jurisdiction over part or all of Goochland county, will have to be reviewed and approved by the GCRC executive committee first. The executive committee meets one or more times a month, and this factor must be considered as to the time frame of the call to action or items for awareness or consideration.