9/7/2022 – Red, White, and Brew!

How will the 2023 go for Goochland?
Let’s find out – with a bit of Brew – together at Midnight Brewery!

2023 is a total reboot of everything we Republicans have taken (essentially) for granted since what could be accurately entitled the “Goochland Revolution”.

The “dims” have given Virginia (along with the “DWEC’sDWEC defined: see page 7) a ridiculous “Election Season” as opposed to an “Election Day”.
Nevertheless, we have this ridiculous “season” thrust upon us (hopefully) as a (temporary) “reality”.

Working through this ‘nigh’ election season, we see activated volunteerism as an important need.

In short, we need you! – Red, White, and Blue!
We’re gathering at Midnight Brewery, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, September 7th, 2022.
Hope to see you there!
Visit:  http://evite.me/1g6r3drWme and confirm your attendance!

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