RPV 2020 Chairman Election

The Virginia Republican State Convention will be held at many different locations around the state on August 15th, 2020.

One of the items on the convention ballot will be for the Chairman of the Republican Party in Virginia.

With lock-down restrictions in place, being able to know as much as possible about the ideas and intentions of the candidates for this crucial decision is next to impossible.

To help remedy that, the Virginia TEA Party (VATP) hosted a Facebook Live Event on July 22nd. The event opened with timely comments by VATP Chairman Nelson Velez and was moderated by First Vice-Chair Brian Landrum.

Each phase of the event has been edited into segments for easier review and viewing. If you’re a delegate to the State Convention, clicking the links below may be your only chance to see and hear from those who have stepped forward in a bid to lead the Republican Party of Virginia. If you aren’t a delegate, reviewing this material will help you be informed about how you might influence the state convention delegates. At the least, you’ll have the opportunity to know more about the potential direction of the party going forward.

Candidate Introductions

First Forum Question

Second Forum Question

Third Forum Question

Fourth Forum Question

Fifth and Final Forum Question

Forum Concluding Statements

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